Here is my online resume web site.

While my first personal site was built for NCSA Mosai, and since them I was never too far from web related business (see my resume ;), it’s my first time since 15 years to build a personal web site.

So here’s “my own” web site generator (well, less the 10% of code is mine).

Yet another online resume engine

When I start to search a tool for my online resume, I fix myself some “limits”:

After some intensive duckduckgoing googling and try iteration, I finally decide to adopte Trofaf:

The original tool is somewhat modified for my needs, see my commits

About accessibility (and privacy)

The whole site should be accessible and responsible, excepted one point:

The only portion requiring javascript is a layer showing my identity, in the About me menu. My goal is to preserve privacy from automatic scraping bots. Sorry if this may annoy you.